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Are you tired with your mold damage problems?

Just call us and we will help you with that! And you will have no problem with mold damage anymore! We also will recommend you a company to help you to rebuild your home after the mold has been removed if you want. We will conduct a visual inspection for the presence of mold or moisture for free in the beginning and in the end of work. All issues will be documented and explained to give you an understanding of what we are dealing with and we will answer on all your questions. So don’t waste your time! Just call us and arrange the date! Your health and health of your family is the most important thing in this life!

Houses usually develop mold where there is a moisture problem. And reasons of this problem are different. We specialized in safely removing contaminated mold. To further ensure a safe and effective environmental remediation, our crews are trained in mold removal procedures. Our technician’s specialists will inspect and assess your property. If mold is found, we have all necessary equipment, and expertise to handle the situation. Mold can seem like a destructive problem for a property owner. So we are here to help you! We trained in the treatment and removal of this problem and potentially damaging substance. We also help with water damage, mold, cleaning and more. Our company has experienced staff and all the technicians are certified, trained and licensed. Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air. So mold is present almost everywhere. Mold spores thrive on moisture. Our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including all holidays. You can expect an immediate response time, day or night…weekend or holidays – we will answered you immediately.



If your home or business needs a professional mold inspection, it is important to act quickly in order to avoid health risks. Roughly 60 to 120 common varieties of indoor mold can create health problems if left untreated. A free mold Inspection is important before paying for lab testing.


If you will need to remediate mold the best thing what you can do is to hire a professional remediation service and mold removal. First what you will need to do for your home is to be inspected.


Crawl spaces are shallow areas in between houses and the ground which they sit atop. Acting as a permanent foundation, crawl spaces can vary greatly in size and makeup.


We offer a complete service for the collection, recycling, recovery, treatment, and final disposal of hazardous waste. Our equipment includes containers, tins, cylinders, drums, pallets and small and medium vans for small volume hazardous waste collections. Stop worrying about the health effects that these hazardous and toxic materials can have on your children and pets.

We offer residential and commercial mold removal services where no job is either too big or too small. If you have found mold in your attic, basement, bathroom, or even crawl space – our team of certified specialists can help! Mold spreads quickly and without immediate professional mold removal, the damage will grow and could cause structural damage to your property or health issues to people exposed to the environment. Call us for immediate mold remediation and restoration in the Los Angeles area.

Mold spores develop quick and spread even faster. Most mold problems stem from water leaks or moisture build-up in warm climates. Mold can be dangerous when disturbed and exposed to the atmosphere. It takes a true professional like First Class Mold to successfully assess the problem, remove the mold according to EPA standards and restore it back to normal.

Mold is often found in under bathroom sinks and in bathroom windows, around water pipes, in attics and basements, crawl spaces and more. If you have tried to dispose of mold on your own, you most likely know it can and will return unless you determine the source and how to prevent it from coming back. Our technicians can offer you advice on how to prevent mold and can also treat the area to ensure you won’t have any future problems.

Our mold removal process is very meticulous, and we take great care in doing the best job for you that we can. We are a professionally certified team of specialists with many years’ experience in the field.


My wife and I purchased a rental property with multiple apartment units; some of the units had mold damage that needed repair. We weren’t sure who to call, so a quick google search led us to First Class Mold. I must say they did a fantastic job in a short amount of time. We wanted the units fixed up and refurbished as soon as possible and the mold remediation got done so quickly we were able to start on other renovations too. The price was reasonable and competitive with other such services; very pleased and will use them next time I have mold.

Micah Waitt

I had some mold develop in the drywall surrounding the bath faucet in my bathroom. My kids like to splash around in the bath, so I thought that might be reason for the overwatered wall around the faucet, but when the guy from First Class Mold inspected the area, he said a bigger cause might be the leaking faucet itself; apparently it had been leaking for a while and got into the walls and too much caused the drywall to get brittle. They had to cut a hole around the faucet to inspect inside and make sure the water didn’t spread further out. The job took a day and a half, but everything was repaired, and the small moldy area was replaced with new drywall, perfect!

Courtney Walling

I had a leaky pipe and it needed repair, so I had a plumber come to repair the leak, but he also found an outbreak of mold behind it. He recommended a professional mold remediation company called First Class Mold, I was hesitant to pay more money on this issue, but he said they did great work, and I can say I happily agree. They got rid of the mold and thoroughly cleaned and dried the entire affected area. They brought professional machines with certified experts and took care of the entire thing. They used the utmost precaution for themselves and my property. I was also pleased with the reasonable competitive pricing they gave me on the job.

Micky Wiseman


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